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jillyvans for life

i moved from franklin county around 2006, it was a big step for our family. my nanny passed away & it was really hard for me, for all of us, she was my most favorite person in the world. i think of her all the time & i love the memories we have bc i can always cherish them.

when i moved here i also left a lot of friends, i also gained new ones. one of them being jillian.

i was working as a barista at seattles best in  kennesaw at borders (horders as we called it) she started working there in march & the rest is history. we quickly became friends & have remained that way.

we would have re unions there sometimes when it was our anniversary.


we would take photos to celebrate her birthday


we share the same love for bread


she is one of the funniest people i know.


we both love coffee


she always supports my habits of throwing parties where i become OCD and crazy while i plan. she drove over an hr to this party


we have been through a lot together. i am so thankful to have dates with her where we dream of the future & make plans to run our own business. she is what i like to call a solid friend. one who is there through the good & the bad. i love her heart and how genuine she is. she truly cares & i appreciate that more than she will ever know. i cannot wait for her to be auntie jill. oh & did i mention i cannot take her anywhere without guys fawning all over her.


pool days



she can also shoot a gun– yes jillian i stalked your photos to find all of these. this was her in her cabin in the woods, she was shooting a bear.


we had a habit of following each other around & working at the same places. we always worked so well together. we started at borders- then went to TJI Fridays- then to woodstock coffee house. who knows what the future holds! we even took a communications class at kennesaw state university together.


last night we took a walk to the nook to eat tater tots covered in amazing things. it was an eventful night- which included a man stalker who was there with his girlfriend but continued to tell jillian she was the most gorgeous red head he has ever seen. come on guys. are there any respectable gentlemen out there anymore, or did i get the last one?




love you jillian & jillyvans will be around forever! so glad you are apart of my life

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snarky puppy & penne a la vodka

before the show last night we had ike & sarah over for dinner. cory made penne a la vodka which was amazing. i am constantly surprised by my amazing husband and all his secret skills. i get frustrated sometimes because anything he does he is good at. this is one of my favorite dishes he does & it never disappoints. i remember the first time he made this dish he forgot to reduce the vodka…. lets just say we were at our worst for 3 days.


ike & sarah are moving to nashville in april, & we are so sad but so excited for them & this new adventure. dexter is going to miss her a ton too.


i am sure she will blog about her new adventures & you can follow her here

after dinner we headed over to terminal west to watch snarky puppy. i was blown away by the talent on the stage, at some point i was confused bc of all the technical things that were going on at the same time, my brain was being split into 8 different parts. if you have ever listened to them or seen them live you would know what i mean. i looked around at all the people & they looked like they were having a church service. like the shouting, dancing, raising the roof type of church service. it. was. awesome.




oh & my husband is the sweetest. when he picked me up from work yesterday he had gotten me this new scarf from whole foods. i am so blessed.


i have been praying a lot lately for our country. hearing all these stories about ukraine & what people all over the world endure everyday breaks my heart. it makes me nervous about what is to come for america but i know God is in control. lets all take a moment to be thankful for every little thing we have. hold people close and love them.

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daydreaming on a saturday

this weekend was so good. i had no plans. no where to be. i watched tv- caught up on white collar & vampire diaries. i cannot get away from that show, but i have always loved vampires so oh well.

saturday ronda came to atlanta. we walked to piedmont park- took some photos- shared some thoughts- made some plans. really exciting plans & i cannot wait to share with you. i have so much creativity i have been wanting to get out. i need an outlet & i think i have found one. yay.

these converse. i love them. i take them everywhere.


also can we just talk about the weather this weekend? atlanta, you have made me proud. it was gorgeous. we are going back this saturday to take some family photos. we have not done photos in forever, if ever, besides the occasional give your phone to your friend and say take our picture. it will give us good practice too.


love this picture. it was AMAZING weather.


we ate at willy’s. i love that place. i used to go there a lot with my friend jillian. good memories in that place.


it is so refreshing to have a friend like ronda. i love her so much. she has such a sweet spirit & such a giving heart. you should all be so lucky.

sundays are always busy for us. i didn’t go to church bc we had a group coming to stay at the mission house & i needed to be there to greet them. i walked to starbucks & walked to cvs & cleaned the apartment. it was so nice. cory got home late & we walked down the street to have a taco.


needless to say it was a very good weekend!

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village kanes & haiti round 2

so excited. like you do not even have a clue. or maybe you do? we are going back to haiti april 28th. so happy. we are starting our fundraising again= if you guys have any tips on this i would love to have them to share with my team. i keep thinking of all these ideas and things we can do and my mind is full. it is a very humbling experience to put yourself out there and ask someone else to donate to something that you care so much about.

this is village kanes





* these photos were taken by my beautiful friend Tracey- you can check her out here

to give you a picture, just think mud huts that are in need of repair. children with no clothes at all. there little chapped lips from being so thirsty, little dirty feet, and the biggest smiles. ronda had told us to be prepared for what we would see & we all have these visions in our minds of what it is going to be like, but it is completely different when you step off the bus and you see everything for yourself. you experience making a connection with a child that you cannot explain. you do not even know how to speak their language & yet there is this bond you have with them. i loved it. i instantly made this connection with this little boy who was playing peek a boo with me behind his mother. she eventually waved him over to me & i was hooked. him in just his little torn shirt was something so special to me. i gave him so many hugs and so many kisses.

my sweet little guy


village kanes is surrounded by such beauty & i would love to help them in every way possible. we were able to pass out shoes & rice to these families & they were so so happy. for our trip in april we are raising an extra $400 to put a water tank in for the people of village kanes. if you would like to contribute please feel free to visit my page here


cory & i were changed forever & are so excited to be going back!!!!!

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the leibster award



you guys- 11 days until cory & i are in haiti. my heart is literally exploding. cannot wait to get back and share with you all about this adventure. thanksgiving was amazing, like always- tons of food (my mom had 3 turkeys in 3 flavors) and so many memories with family. i woke up this morning to an email from Naomi that i was nominated for the leibster award (yay)– the leibster award is basically an award that allows bloggers to nominate other bloggers to help them gain exposure. so cool right? made my day- be sure to visit her blog here. thank you so much!

11 facts about me

1. i have a very strong addiction to coffee. my mood is completely different without it & with it. 

2. i love to wrap presents- i just started a pinterest board dedicated to my present wrapping.

3. i played varsity soccer in high-school and i really do hate running.

4. i took piano lessons for a really long time and could never learn to read music- so i play by ear.

5. i eat all my veggies raw- when they are cooked it completely grosses me out. however, i am determined that 2014 is the year for me to turn that around.

6. i love moving furniture around. when i was a kid i use to draw maps of my bedroom, i would list out all my furniture and draw it on paper before bringing it to life.

7. i seriously cannot wait to  have kids- i love them- everyone will ask me why not just have one? well i do not want to live in midtown atlanta and raise kids. there is your answer.

8. i spend 95% of my day dreaming of doing something different than what i am currently doing. 

9. i love hosting parties at my house- but then when everyone gets there i will get crazy. i feel so much pressure to make sure everyone has everything they need= or make sure no one is left out– cory cannot even handle me before a party.

10. i wish i could sew dresses all day. when i have some time i want to take lessons. 

11. i have 2 cats- one acts like a dog and the other is pain in the rear- but there better than your cats x300


11 questions from Naomi

1. Yourself in three simple words:  unique, hilarious, & carefree

2. Your design aesthetic: vintage/ modern/ mixed with rustic

3. Describe your home city: lets just say this, it was a huge deal when we got our first red light- we had to drive 30 minutes to the grocery store and the only fast food we had was wendy’s. really really small town. 

4. A guilty pleasure: chocolate toffee bars- yum

5. Your best Halloween costume: i rarely dress up for halloween (we never got to as kids) but last year i was a zombie and it was awesome
6. Weapon of choice: Mosin Nagant M91-30 Sniper Rifle

7. That place you go to think: the shower- nothing like a hot shower to think or cry in

8. Something the world could do without: my husband

9. Your weakness: shoes- good lord i love them so much

10. Worst outfit you can remember wearing: anything from 5th grade to 8th grade= all of them

11.When I’m not blogging I — busy with life- making memories i can blog about- baking cookies- spending time with family- hanging with my friends- or on the sofa with a cup of coffee watching parks and rec. 


11 questions for the nominees

1. if you could hang out with one famous person for a day who would it be and why?

2. what is one thing you cannot live without?

3. favorite pair of shoes?

4. favorite type of dessert?

5. a family member who has helped make you into the person you are today?

6. your favorite store?

7. what is your favorite thing about christmas?

8. one of your most memorable moments?

9. what do you enjoy most about blogging?

10. if you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?


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1. Post the award on your blog.
2. Thank the blogger who presented this award and link back to their blog.
3. Write 11 random facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 11 bloggers who you feel deserve this award and who have less than 200 followers.
5. Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter and ask your nominees 11 questions.


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thanksgiving! it is almost here. i can smell the turkey, sweet potato casserole, fresh bread & lots of deserts. i can hear all the laughter and can already anticipate all the hugs. i’m ready to put my tree up and hang lights and pick out our ornament of the year (it is a tradition for us). i think thanksgiving is a time to enjoy your family and a time to reflect on what you are truly thankful for. so in honor of thanksgiving i am going to do just that.

i am thankful for..

Jesus– bc without him i am nothing. he has truly changed my life in every way possible & is the one that is always there.

cory– god truly was looking out for me in the husband department. we have been through so much together, but i am not whole without him. he truly is my best friend and the person i can lean on for everything. he is also the only person that can get on my nerves so much & i still love to be around him at the same time. he is the person i want to wake up beside everyday and he makes me the best coffee. i cant wait to have little ones of our own and see him as a dad. makes my heart melt thinking about it. he is the funniest person i know & makes me laugh so much. he is my favorite cook (besides my mom), he is the  most talented person i know and so humble. i could listen to him sing and play guitar all day long. he makes me feel safe and is such an amazing provider. he surprises me.



family– i love my family! even though we have been through some crazy stuff i love them so much. btw sunday was the first time i have ever been in a vehicle and my sister was driving so i had to document it.

this is my beautiful sister shenea who i love so much. she is such an inspiration. so much talent in that little body of hers. god has great plans for her life.


my brother jacob. i wish he was not so far away. miss him so  much & maybe on of these days we will all be able to clean the skeletons out of the closet. so proud of him.


my nanny and poppy. i miss her everyday and when it comes time for the holidays it is really hard. things aren’t the same and i wish so badly she would have met cory. she would have loved him so much. so thankful for who she was and is to me. i am forever thankful for her love.


my mom and step dad- these two are such a blessing. my mom is seriously the best at everything. cooking- baking- decorating you name it! when i was 14 when my parents divorced. my mom did everything she had to for us to make it. she was a stay at home wife and that was all she ever knew. she worked multiple jobs and the lord always provided. she has so much strength and cannot wait for her to be grandma to our kiddos. this time of year i immediately start thinking of my moms famous sweet potato souffle- you guys- it is the best.


my dad- we have been through it- but we came out on top. i am a true believer that you can find good in everything. i always try to look for the positive in people and in circumstances. through our relationship i have learned to forgive. what kind of person would i be if i didn’t? i also gained a step mom who i adore! my dad is so funny and has the biggest laugh.

Matthew 6:14-15

For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.  But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.

Mark 11:25

And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins. “

friends– goodness i have some great friends. i am picky when it comes to who i share my time with & who i share my personal life with but i have some amazing people the lord has placed in my life- for laughing- for times where i just need someone to talk too- to pray for me- to encourage- to eat with- to “grow up” with- to dream with- i cannot wait until i am closer where i can see some of there faces more often.

jena– you have been with me before cory and during cory and with cory and everything else. your friendship is so treasured and you are such an amazing person. i am so blessed to have you in my life and cannot wait for our kids to grow up together. you are such a beautiful person inside and out and every time you walk in a room the place lights up! so thankful for you.


ashlan– i love youuuuuuuu. you are so unique and so funny. your an amazing mother and i love watching all these blessings unfold in your life. you and aj set such an example to people with your relationship with each other, and with the lord. you are so funny and make me laugh all the time. your such a leader and your little girl has such an amazing example as to what a woman should be. you have incredible style and i cannot wait until we are closer and can share clothes. i love that you are you no matter where you are. so thankful for you.

image (5)



image (4)

a-bomb- you are such a treasure. i look up to you so much- in every way. i’m trying not to cry at work while i write this lol. through all the horrible times in my life you have been the one that was there. you are the person i have called when i could not even talk on the phone & i was just sobbing. thank you for being that person. thank you for setting such an example for me & always being there through the not so easy times. what would i have done without you? cannot wait for the day to call you and say, “yo girl i’m pregnant”. I cannot wait to live closer and see you more. one day when we have our hippy farm, we can sit on the front porch swinging away with our boobs hanging down to our knees from all them children. sounds good right? so thankful for you.

image (8)


rachel- i love you girl. i know we just have become friends, but i feel like i have known you forever. your my kindred spirit. your full of grace and beauty & words cannot express how much i am thankful for you. i love our talks and i appreciate knowing i have a friend that prays for me. so thankful for you

image (6)


jillian– where do i even begin? when i first moved to woodstock i never expected to find a friend quite like you. with one look i knew you were something special. you laugh at my jokes- we laugh at ourselves. we followed each other around from job to job and i secretly still want a company called jillyvans. we can do it! you are so funny- you are so true to yourself and i love our coffee dates and shopping sprees. your so honest and i am so thankful for you.

image (3)


abby– you are such an inspiration. you are always so happy & your personality draws people in. you are always smiling. you and jays love is like no others and you set such a standard. thank you for everything you have done for cory & i. so happy to be apart of each others lives.

image (4)



we all need to take moments and thank the special people in our lives. lets not wait until thanksgiving every year. lets be thankful everyday for every single person in our lives, for every moment we have left, lets be appreciative of people, lets care about people, lets be examples that the world needs to see.

i hope you all have an amazing thanksgiving and i cannot wait to post pictures of all the yummy food i am going to devour.


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Shopping, Food, & Friends- Can it get any better?

such a fun but busy weekend. saturday morning we got up and headed to douglasville for a shopping adventure.


we met up with aj, ashlan and their sweet little bitty tinslee  at starbucks to start the day off just right! i have tried not having coffee everyday & i cannot do it. i just cannot bring myself to rid my body of the caffeine. it is so good. we headed to the mall and i realize i go to the same stores every time i am there- forever21, that weird urban store that sells incense, american eagle, and h&m. h&m was having this crazy sale 1/2 off all the sale items and all sweaters were buy 1 get 1 free. WHAT? i wish i would have taken pictures of the bag bc i probably could have fit into it. we left with 2 sweaters for cory, 2 sweaters for me, an infinity scarf, a black & white striped dress, & a black shirt all for $80. when i got in line i saw they had free magazines too- with a 20% off coupon (off one item) SCORE! after shopping we headed over to the irish bread pub to eat some grub. of course i had to try the fish-n-chips and they were delish.




after our fun date we headed to carrollton for a birthday get together for Russ. a-bomb made some chili and we sat out by the fire just talking about life. russ & a-bomb are such dear friends- russ married cory & i. they also did are premarital counseling- so we go way back.


sunday morning cory led worship & then we headed to eat with our buddy dockery who runs the carrollton menu. he recommended Blue Agave Grill & Tequila Bar & said they had really good food- which they did. they also have pina-coladas served in a pineapple.



i also got to spend some more time with ashlan and tinslee. you guys this little one will make you have baby fever BAD!



of course we had to watch walking dead=== i have no idea what is going on!?

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Fall feels like – it’s here!

i love it. fall. cool weather. coffee. hats. leggings. leaves falling off the trees and planning campfires with friends. weekend sleeps with flannel shirts. that certain smell in the air. plans for holidays. i love fall time.




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French Fries, Onion rings & Shopping

i always love having girl time. eating. shopping. talking about our lives. sharing our dreams. spending too much money on hairspray and mouthwash.

last night one of my very best friends and i had a date. we went to goodwill, had some food at yard house in atlantic station and then headed over to target. talked about life, love, adventure & where we want to be. we tried on witch hats. looked through the weird pantie bins at target (the sizes are never in the right place)- and tried on shoes.

back to the food- we seem to always go to yard house when we hang out= we love the place. they have all these “snacks” so if you want something small you can order a few of those and get a drink.. they have tons of different drinks. we ordered the garlic and herb fries, onion ring tower, and in the end we had a brownie. my favorite thing we got was the drink, the “moscow mule” — this is like my favorite drink right now ginger beer, vodka, and lime. easy. simple. and amazing. yard house makes their own ginger beer which made the taste amazing. how many times can i say amazing? they even served them in the traditional moscow mule cup. im in love.

i also signed up to have jillian be my personal running partner. we start on monday. say a prayer for me please.







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The Bar & some Black & Whites

for cory’s 30th birthday i wanted to get him something awesome. so i threw him a “stock the bar” party & had our dear friend make him a bar for our home. it was an awesome turn out & we are still so in love with our bar.

yesterday i stayed home and decided to organize the house= going through things i do not need anymore- getting more things to sale for another haiti yard-sale, and a lot of cleaning. while i was doing all of this the thought came to me to move the bar around and do something on the wall. i had just bought this self portrait book from the good will that had old black and white photos from way back in the day. i walked to cvs and got come black tacks (2 for $5.50) & came home and got started. you can see what i did from the photos below. the only thing  missing is some patio lights i want to hang behind! so happy with how it turned out.





these are the patio lights i want.



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