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11 days.

today marks 11 days until i will be in haiti again. what? the time has flown by. i am driving to carrollton today to turn in the last part of our money.

cannot wait to see this little guy.




want to pray about our trip? here is what you can pray about.

1. for rain. they need it in a really bad way.

2. for our team- that the lord would work through us in whatever way he needs too.

3 that i don’t cry my eyes out when i leave- i did a really really great job last time holding it back. when i got home i spent the next few days crying in the shower. my heart was exploding. so many thoughts and emotions.

4. that whatever we do and say there show them jesus.


those are just a few.

ok- so here are some new things.

i got a jeep. really excited about that one.

the day we were leaving for our mini vacation to the mountains i cracked a tooth on a scooby snack. literally in the jeep fixing to back up and ate a scooby snack and bam. cracked. so. since we do not have dental insurance i found a doctor in carrollton that i am making an appointment with to see that has this plan called “complete smile”. you pay $250 and get exams, x rays, 2 teeth cleanings, and 20% off anything you need. which would mean getting my tooth fixed.

it is finally spring. which means more of this.



Image Image Image

& of course sunday is easter. what an amazing celebration. behind the cotton ball tail and chocolate easter bunnies and egg hunts there is so much more. jesus.

i cannot say i don’t like the easter baskets & chocolate.  my mom was always good with these things. we had homemade baskets, she made the best peanut butter eggs, she would use all her fancy molds and make chocolate suckers, ect. my nanny would also get those little plastic grocery buggies and fill it with candy & everything else you could imagine. i miss her. holidays are never the same & will never be the same since she is no longer here.




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Easter & Maroon 5

EASTER! One of my favorite Holidays. So thankful for this day & what it means to me. My Father surprised a lot of people getting out of that tomb! It is overwhelming to know he gave his life for me so I can choose him. I am so glad I did.
Easter is usually spent with my Mom and step-dad & the in laws but my mom has been really sick so we had to move it to two weeks from now. Hubster played at church & then we headed to his parents. They had quite a spread there– including my favorite food group of Holidays- HAM. Mmm! After lunch we went to our good friends house & stayed really late. It was so good to see them. Their little man is growing so fast and we love them oh so much.
I am already thinking of when we have kids and what Easter will be like then. Will we get up & make breakfast or go out to the same place every year. Who knows! Here are some pictures I took on Easter.





Now. Since I am still looking for a job we don’t go out much. So last Wednesday Cory & I were talking about how bored we were. Cory said he prayed but I was napping so I didn’t hear it. Around 4:00 our friend Danny called and gave us two tickets to see Owl City ( he is their light guy ) Neon Trees & Maroon 5… Um YES! We walked to Phillips — about 2 miles and hung out with him for a bit & then watched the shows. So much talent that night & I was blown away at how amazing Maroon 5 was live. Adam Levine can freakin play the guitar! We were so thankful for that little treat we got blessed with. The Lord always comes through, even in the smallest of ways. Here are some pictures from the show.





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