dancing goats coffee bar & little man

i have been a starbucks fan for a while now. i love loading my app and getting rewards & i do love the iced caramel macchiato.

until now.

i work in downtown decatur & have been making my way over to the dancing goats coffee shop alot lately. in fact i have been obsessed with their iced caramel latte. i am such a sucker for good coffee & batdorf & bronson coffee roasters have hit the nail on the head with their coffee.

today my sweet husband called me at work, & my first thought was, something has happened… nope. he said, “come outside” i knew immediately what he had done! go outside & there he is sitting in the white rocket (our old van) with my favorite coffee.

made my day.


last night i had the privilege of watching little man (my friends little boy) for a few hours while his parents took care of an obligation. i was so excited. i do not have any kids yet, so any chance to hang out with little ones i will take. we went to the mall for chicken nuggets- went to old navy and he found a few hats he liked.



he decided on the top.

good choice. it fits him well. he also snagged an r2d2 toy that was stuffed with candy. i did not know about the candy, but his mom texted me this morning and told me r2d2 fell and broke his head & candy came out. woo-hoo. extra points for me. we then shared some cookies from that amazing cookie place at the mall that i cannot remember the name of. we also went to the photo booth.


after the mall we headed to target. he helped me pick out a v-neck and some sunglasses.

first of all, let me tell you, this kid loves cars. loves them. we turned down the car aisle and he went nuts. his eyes were huge and he knew exactly what he wanted. a box with 4 cars. i even picked up a bigger car that made noises.. nope he still chose the box with 4. he knows what he wants. i can appreciate that.

also, i had gotten a coffee drink & i sat it beside him in the buggy. i was kneeling down to look at these car shoes that lit up and they were like $6. i stand back up and he was drinking my coffee. sorry jena. im sure it was like a sip. i was like seriously? you like coffee too? me & this kid are bff. anyways, i should have never taken that shoe off to try on the other one. how do you parents do it? they were like slip on shoes & i felt like i was going to break his ankles putting those things back on (not really break them, but you know what i mean). after target we had only a little time before i met his parents, so we headed to the starbucks parking lot. he had been digging his hands into the side of the car box so obviously we needed to play with them. i parked the van- got him out of his car seat and put him up front with me. took all the cars out and we acted like the cars were exploding and wrecking into each other on the dash. i am fantastic with sound effects so he loved it. he kept handing me the cars wanting me to make sounds and would do this cute little laugh & grin every. single. time.

his parents came & picked him up & he was so excited to see them. it was so sweet.

thank you jena for letting me have some time with your little guy. he is the sweetest & cutest.

did i mention she is expecting her 2nd child & tomorrow we have the gender reveal party to see what she is having! super excited.

i will be taking my new lens to hopefully capture some good moments. i will post them to show you guys!

have a good weekend!


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