a big ole’ sale & a bread maker

i have been going through my closet and bagging up stuff i need to get rid of for our sale. we are planning a big yard sale for our haiti trip. i had a friend drop by some stuff to add to it yesterday & i am so thankful. we are 1/2 way to our goal & it is so exciting to see the lord provide in amazing ways. i have a habit of when i buy something i get rid of something. i have been feeling like i need a wardrobe change- like my style is changing. we all get in these funks where we are wanting to change our hair, or how we dress or we just want something fresh. here are some looks i have my eyes on.

Image Image

Image Image Image

Image Image

seriously= overalls. they are making my  month. i have always loved them.

also, cory & i have started our lose some lbs and working out this week. i bought a scale so i can keep track- i have never owned a scale before. i eat pretty healthy, but i need to add my workout routine back into my life. not a diet, but a lifestyle change. healthy changes are good changes. we have decided to start making our own bread & this bread-maker was recommended to me.


if any of you  have some good recipes let me know- or tips. i love tips!

one other thing. i finally watch the new hunger games. amazing. love these movies! the books were amazing too. i literally read them all in 5 days. i had no life, but on my couch reading those books. #peetaforlife

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