practice makes perfect?

i left work early wednesday- i got a fever and had some chills & i stayed home thursday bc i was still sick & didn’t want to get anyone else sick. i hate being sick more than anything, there is nothing to do and it is a big waste of time. so to make myself feel productive i downloaded lightroom5 & figured it out. i am still figuring it out, but i love it so much. i am so excited to learn more about the program &  i am waiting on my new 50mm lens to come in…it should be here on monday.


i cannot wait to be back in haiti to practice on those beautiful people & beautiful country. april 28 is just around the corner and we only have $1000 to go, God has been so good in providing for us just like he always does & i am so excited to see what he does this trip.

tomorrow we (ronda & i) have a lovely day planned back at piedmont park to practice with our cameras and get some new photos for our upcoming project we are working on. i cannot wait to have some updated ones  for the blog and for personal use. it is supposed to be a high of 66, which means lunch in the park on an old blanket, long walks, laughs, sunny skies for great pictures and the market will be open! let the weekend adventure begin.

on a good note- my book came in. “back to basics”– it is all about traditional skills- canning- living off the land- what veggies to grow when and where- basically everything i need to know to survive off my land. my dream as you all know is to have my own little farm. so excited for the future & learning to be happy in the present.


hope you  guys all have an amazing weekend!

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