crafts i need to do. asap.

ok guys these are the cutest. i have been filling up my pinterest board with all these fun ideas waiting for some time to do them, but i realize i need to make some time to get started. we all have busy lives, we just have to stop and take a moment to ourselves to let the creativity out. if we don’t make the time no one else will make it for us. right?


check it out here

i don’t feel like the next one needs to be explained, so here is the picture.


i am pretty sure i have written about this one before, but i can’t help it. these are so easy and adds a little color. i have some really old ones that were my grandmothers, & i don’t think i could paint those. i do however have some new ones that i will tackle.


this next one takes a little more time, but oh so cute. gifts. living room. bedroom. bathroom. anywhere & everywhere.

you can find the how to here — this blog is one of my favorites so you should all check it out here

this week you should all take a moment to yourselves to be creative. get your camera out and take a photo or two. start with something easy like painting your wooden utensils. if you like to draw, get out your sketchbook. i promise making time for creativity helps relieve stress. i am speaking from experience here. make time for yourself. we get so buys with our routines we forget to stop and just enjoy the little things. so stop what you’re doing & get creative!

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2 thoughts on “crafts i need to do. asap.

  1. what cute and easy DIY- ,my favorite is the painted ends on the kitchenware. 🙂

  2. evandaestes says:

    I am planning on doing that one this weekend!!!! Glad you liked!

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