snarky puppy & penne a la vodka

before the show last night we had ike & sarah over for dinner. cory made penne a la vodka which was amazing. i am constantly surprised by my amazing husband and all his secret skills. i get frustrated sometimes because anything he does he is good at. this is one of my favorite dishes he does & it never disappoints. i remember the first time he made this dish he forgot to reduce the vodka…. lets just say we were at our worst for 3 days.


ike & sarah are moving to nashville in april, & we are so sad but so excited for them & this new adventure. dexter is going to miss her a ton too.


i am sure she will blog about her new adventures & you can follow her here

after dinner we headed over to terminal west to watch snarky puppy. i was blown away by the talent on the stage, at some point i was confused bc of all the technical things that were going on at the same time, my brain was being split into 8 different parts. if you have ever listened to them or seen them live you would know what i mean. i looked around at all the people & they looked like they were having a church service. like the shouting, dancing, raising the roof type of church service. it. was. awesome.




oh & my husband is the sweetest. when he picked me up from work yesterday he had gotten me this new scarf from whole foods. i am so blessed.


i have been praying a lot lately for our country. hearing all these stories about ukraine & what people all over the world endure everyday breaks my heart. it makes me nervous about what is to come for america but i know God is in control. lets all take a moment to be thankful for every little thing we have. hold people close and love them.

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4 thoughts on “snarky puppy & penne a la vodka

  1. The Editors of Garden Variety says:

    Looks wonderfully divine!

  2. evandaestes says:

    it was! 🙂

  3. Love vodka sauce! I always have to reduce the vodka, too, though!

  4. evandaestes says:


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