daydreaming on a saturday

this weekend was so good. i had no plans. no where to be. i watched tv- caught up on white collar & vampire diaries. i cannot get away from that show, but i have always loved vampires so oh well.

saturday ronda came to atlanta. we walked to piedmont park- took some photos- shared some thoughts- made some plans. really exciting plans & i cannot wait to share with you. i have so much creativity i have been wanting to get out. i need an outlet & i think i have found one. yay.

these converse. i love them. i take them everywhere.


also can we just talk about the weather this weekend? atlanta, you have made me proud. it was gorgeous. we are going back this saturday to take some family photos. we have not done photos in forever, if ever, besides the occasional give your phone to your friend and say take our picture. it will give us good practice too.


love this picture. it was AMAZING weather.


we ate at willy’s. i love that place. i used to go there a lot with my friend jillian. good memories in that place.


it is so refreshing to have a friend like ronda. i love her so much. she has such a sweet spirit & such a giving heart. you should all be so lucky.

sundays are always busy for us. i didn’t go to church bc we had a group coming to stay at the mission house & i needed to be there to greet them. i walked to starbucks & walked to cvs & cleaned the apartment. it was so nice. cory got home late & we walked down the street to have a taco.


needless to say it was a very good weekend!

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One thought on “daydreaming on a saturday

  1. mrsrondaivey says:

    i love you, my dear! i am beyond ready to being putting our ideas into action. you are a breath of fresh air and a heart i delight in knowing. xoxo

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