sister sunday, squirrels, & a show

this past week has been eventful. sunday i went to c-town with cory for church but ending up sitting in a coffee shop all morning helping my sister organize her life. we are completely opposite when it comes to things like organization.


some people say we look like twins


this past week one of my co-workers brought me some squirrel meat stew. it was so good! i have had squirrel before but not in stew.


hey, at least i can survive in the wild right?

last night cory played guitar with a band called gin house. they are pretty awesome. this band i had never heard of before called melodime was there & then courrier.

when cory & i first got married he got a guitar tech job with a band called parachute & some of the dates they played with courrier. cory has always spoken so highly of them. great musicians & pretty decent guys all around from what i have heard and the 5 minutes i spoke to them. i finally got to hear them play last night & i lOVED them. i told cory we need to make a road-trip out to austin and see them play there & bc i have never been to austin. if you guys are looking for some good music look them up!



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