we went on a picnic & now we are snowed in

this past weekend we went on a picnic in the same park we got married at. i am sure i have told you all how obsessed cory is with ingles, so that is where went for our treats. we got bread, cheese, hummus, bagel chips, wine & mexican coke. it was so nice outside! now. well. we are
trapped inside from an ice storm & i love it! we started watching “lost” today- made some horrible cookies- put the cats in sweaters- did tax stuff & cuddled. i have been thinking a lot about our future farm today & i don’t think i have mentioned anything about this certain plot of land i have my eyes set on. it is 53 acres with a 2 bedroom 1 bath cabin – the back porch leads to a dock that you can fish out of- it has pecan trees, blueberry bushes & lots of woods. it is a dream. i can just imagine building a house there and having my chickens & some cows & growing my vegetable garden & everything else in my daydream. i have been praying a lot about our future & we put ourselves on a strict budget so we can have a lot saved to go towards our dream land. i was telling my friend ashlan the other day that i can see her & i having a glass of wine in the hot tub while our children run around the yard getting into trouble. we would be total red necks about the whole ordeal & i wouldn’t mind. it is good to have dreams and to pursue those. so cheers to the dream we want and soon shall have! hope everyone stays warm on this snowy- freezing- day!







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