village kanes & haiti round 2

so excited. like you do not even have a clue. or maybe you do? we are going back to haiti april 28th. so happy. we are starting our fundraising again= if you guys have any tips on this i would love to have them to share with my team. i keep thinking of all these ideas and things we can do and my mind is full. it is a very humbling experience to put yourself out there and ask someone else to donate to something that you care so much about.

this is village kanes





* these photos were taken by my beautiful friend Tracey- you can check her out here

to give you a picture, just think mud huts that are in need of repair. children with no clothes at all. there little chapped lips from being so thirsty, little dirty feet, and the biggest smiles. ronda had told us to be prepared for what we would see & we all have these visions in our minds of what it is going to be like, but it is completely different when you step off the bus and you see everything for yourself. you experience making a connection with a child that you cannot explain. you do not even know how to speak their language & yet there is this bond you have with them. i loved it. i instantly made this connection with this little boy who was playing peek a boo with me behind his mother. she eventually waved him over to me & i was hooked. him in just his little torn shirt was something so special to me. i gave him so many hugs and so many kisses.

my sweet little guy


village kanes is surrounded by such beauty & i would love to help them in every way possible. we were able to pass out shoes & rice to these families & they were so so happy. for our trip in april we are raising an extra $400 to put a water tank in for the people of village kanes. if you would like to contribute please feel free to visit my page here


cory & i were changed forever & are so excited to be going back!!!!!

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