Christmas Tree & Fate

this past saturday finally felt like christmas- so we got our tree! so happy. we drove to home depot and picked out the cutest 6ft tree you ever did see. when we brought it back home our tree stand broke, so we made our way back out to  get one. came home, turned on christmas music and got to work. after the room was lit up with christmas color we sat down to watch parks & rec – eat a cheese plate & enjoy the night.  cory said when we get back from haiti-he wants to do nothing but christmas things all saturday. egg nog. shortbread cookies. christmas movies. all things christmas, which i am perfectly ok with.

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but. this saturday= we leave for haiti. i know i keep talking and talking about it… my heart is literally filled with excitement and anticipation. just to amp up my excitement last night we had something i like to call fate. for those of you who do not know, this is the definition.

  1. the development of events beyond a person’s control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power.
    we decided we needed to go out and find these beloved chacos everyone loves so dearly. we ended up in little 5 at abbadabbas. on a side note i have never been and this store is amazing. i will be back. soon. cory found the chaco rack and i tried not to squirm over the fact that they are $100 a pair- this nice lady, Amy, was there to help us. we started talking and of course she asked us where we were going and i started talking all about our haiti trip. then i saw her eyes light up  and i knew i was going to have a moment of fate. she started sharing about how she has a non-profit in haiti and she was leaving on the 28th to go back. she is even going to move there soon. i loved hearing her share her heart and show pictures of all that has taken place through her willingness to serve. my heart was so happy after leaving there with those expensive shoes & i knew i was supposed to be there- supposed to meet her. so funny how God works. i love it. if you would like to check out her site you can do so right here — this world is so big yet so small all at the same time. so thankful to meet her!
    you guys please keep our group in your prayers- my heart is so ready for this trip and i am so incredibly grateful for each one of you who has sent prayers our way.
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