Christmas Wish List

i am one of those people that love to give. not just at christmas but all year around! i have been ordering my husband christmas gifts for months now and they have been wrapped up for a while. we have not gotten our tree yet, mainly bc it is 70 degrees outside and it really does not put this ga girl in the mood for tree shopping, but the other reason is we leave on the 14th which is next saturday and we will be gone on our mission trip. this year, however i have a wish list. the main thing is a dutch oven. i have hit another one of my house wife phases and have been buying cookbooks and dreaming up recipes in my little head all day at work. last week i bought this cook book called The Little Paris Kitchen – Rachel Khoo — i flipped through the pages at work dreaming of making all these wonderful things i cannot even pronounce. i even thought about learning french. so lets get to it!

#1- Dutch Oven- why? bc it is amazing for everything from soup to bread. 




#2 Doughnut Pan- Why? bc i need one= i have been seeing all these recipes for cute and healthy doughnuts- yes healthy and i want a pan super bad. you can see my “sweet tooth” pinterest board here


#3 clothes- any of the ones on  my pinterest board. literally, but for all you guys out there that love pictures here are examples


Image  Image  Image


Image Image

#4- anything to do with baking/cooking/eating- bc i want to make dishes like these below

Image Image



Image  Image

i know christmas is not about gifts and material things- it is about Jesus Birth and celebrating that. Celebrating family and what the word “family” truly means. I have been really struggling with family lately- so say a prayer that the Lord shows up. a lot of sad things happening in my family and i could use your prayers.



Mrs. Estes



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2 thoughts on “Christmas Wish List

  1. Prayers for you and your family this Christmas. (And love your list – the dutch oven is one of the few kitchen items I don’t own – maybe I should add it to my list too!)

  2. evandaestes says:

    Thank you so much!!! You should def add the dutch oven to your list!

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