Sister Sunday & 100th post

you guys this is my 100th post. whoa.

i simply love the weekends. when weekends are in carrollton- i am ecsatic. cory started leading worship at a church in carrollton on sunday mornings so we are there every sunday. this past weekend we went to my moms for lunch- she made red beans & rice, smoked chicken wings, and her famous cornbread– for something sweet she made my great grandmothers recipe for cake with fudge icing and walnuts



then headed to see ashlan and aj their sweet baby girl


lastly we made our way  to spend the night with my sister. she had made us dinner which was so sweet (& it was very good)- i decided to sleep in & cory went to church without me. i spent most of the morning scaring myself  with halloween movies & eating leftover cornbread. cory got home around 1 then we headed to olive garden for lunch & then to target to trade in his pants for a different size. i love target. i always spend too much money in there for sure.


when cory dropped me back off at shenea’s (he had to go to another city to play guitar for a night service) we decided to take a nap and then we headed for a long walk to get some coffee at gallery row. we sat outside and just talked and then walked home. it is so sweet that we get along now. for those of you who don’t know we def. had a period in our lives where we did not talk at all. i think sister relationships are def. underrated & i’m so thankful we are friends. shenea made my moms recipe for salmon patties and baked mac-n-cheese for dinner – which made the walking dead even better. we all sat and watched the walking dead like we do every sunday & then headed out for the long drive home. btw what is happening on the walking dead???? i need to know!





this is chewy. a little dog we met on our coffee date.


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One thought on “Sister Sunday & 100th post

  1. Congrats on 100! I hit mine just a few weeks ago too!

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