i never thought getting a passport would be such a hassle, but my experience has been horrible. the first time I tried to get my passport cory & i met up at the post office to walk to cvs and get our picture made ($26). while we were having our picture made the lady asked us what time our appointment was at the post office— what? an appointment? we didn’t have one- cory called them to see if they have anymore for the day since the post office stays open until 6:30 in decatur. no. the passport office closes at 4. the nice lady at cvs told us we could go to the court house and have them done there bc they close at 4:30. we run to the post office get in our car and drive to the court house (it is now 4:10)- get in line behind a family of 6. as we are waiting and it is now 4:45 cory sees a sign about payments. he steps out of line to ask the lady at the front desk and then waves for me to get out of line. (now i am angry)- at the courthouse you have to have cash for the application fee and a check or money order for the passport charge. we had a debit card. who doesn’t take debit cards?

second time we try to get them- i called and make an appointment on a wednesday for a 12:00 time spot= the lady lets me know the papers i need. i had two forms of birth certificate- i had the one the hospital gave me with my little foot prints on them and a certificate of live birth. we get to our appointment wait a really long time while the lady is trying to get a baby to wake up so she could take her picture ( i am on my lunch break) and then finally it is our turn. she looks at my birth certificate and says nope, these wont work you need to go to vital records and pay $25 for a copy of your birth certificate that has a little red stamp on the lower left corner. cory gets his (this make me angrier).

third after my second trip there, i get back to work and call and schedule an appointment for friday at 12:00 again. friday rolls around i leave work at 10:45 so i could go to vital records (7 miles from work) to pick up a copy of my birth certificate. i am on my way and i am about 1.3 miles away and i am going to be making a left hand turn and then the placed would be right there. a TREE fell in the road. yes. then comes a detour. my phone has like 10% at this time. so my the time i get to vital records it is 11:30. huge line of people and the place is like chaos. i text cory and tell him to call and cancel my passport appointment at 12:00 bc there is no way i will be back- on the way back to the office i get stuck in a neighborhood from the detour. i get back to my office at 1:30. whhattttt? while cory was canceling my appointment he rescheduled me for today at 12:00. 

 fourth time. was today. & i am happy to say. i will have my passport in 4 weeks. THANK GOD! 

P.S. what made me really made was the fact that the certificate of birth i paid $25 for was the EXACT same thing as my certificate of live birth- only with a special red stamp on it. 

So happy we are one step closer to haiti. we have a page where you can go to donate, or share so others can help send our group to haiti. cannot wait to see this country and experience the people that i have heard so much about. my heart is ready.

check our page out~ send us prayers!

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