French Fries, Onion rings & Shopping

i always love having girl time. eating. shopping. talking about our lives. sharing our dreams. spending too much money on hairspray and mouthwash.

last night one of my very best friends and i had a date. we went to goodwill, had some food at yard house in atlantic station and then headed over to target. talked about life, love, adventure & where we want to be. we tried on witch hats. looked through the weird pantie bins at target (the sizes are never in the right place)- and tried on shoes.

back to the food- we seem to always go to yard house when we hang out= we love the place. they have all these “snacks” so if you want something small you can order a few of those and get a drink.. they have tons of different drinks. we ordered the garlic and herb fries, onion ring tower, and in the end we had a brownie. my favorite thing we got was the drink, the “moscow mule” — this is like my favorite drink right now ginger beer, vodka, and lime. easy. simple. and amazing. yard house makes their own ginger beer which made the taste amazing. how many times can i say amazing? they even served them in the traditional moscow mule cup. im in love.

i also signed up to have jillian be my personal running partner. we start on monday. say a prayer for me please.







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