The Bar & some Black & Whites

for cory’s 30th birthday i wanted to get him something awesome. so i threw him a “stock the bar” party & had our dear friend make him a bar for our home. it was an awesome turn out & we are still so in love with our bar.

yesterday i stayed home and decided to organize the house= going through things i do not need anymore- getting more things to sale for another haiti yard-sale, and a lot of cleaning. while i was doing all of this the thought came to me to move the bar around and do something on the wall. i had just bought this self portrait book from the good will that had old black and white photos from way back in the day. i walked to cvs and got come black tacks (2 for $5.50) & came home and got started. you can see what i did from the photos below. the only thing  missing is some patio lights i want to hang behind! so happy with how it turned out.





these are the patio lights i want.


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4 thoughts on “The Bar & some Black & Whites

  1. I’m impressed with how straight all the pictures are…lol! And what a great idea getting them out of a book!

  2. Coski says:

    Ok so this is extremely random that I would remember something so detailed but I will offer it. I bought those exact lights to string across the backyard for an anniversary dinner and they are cheap, cheap, cheap! And no, I’m not doing a chicken impression. The bulbs are just too thin and fragile.

    So there you go…

  3. evandaestes says:

    Eeek! I don’t want them if they are cheap! Do you have any other ones you know of that are good quality?

  4. evandaestes says:

    I have a tad bit of OCD lol! I have become so good at this I didn’t even have to measure!!

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