Fall= Food, Family,Friends, & Fashion

you guys it is FALL!  fall to me is so many things, sweaters. hot tea. hot cocoa. campfires. leggings. boots. blue-jean. overalls. holidays. leaves changing colors. boiled peanuts. red noses from the cold. pale skin. and food. all sorts of food.

SOUPS-CHILI-PUMPKIN BREAD-CAKES & COFFEE-HAM-TURKEY– i could go on forever. i have been looking at blogs for weeks now with fall foods & fashion. here are some of my favorites right now for food.





& for fashion


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& just for fun- some fall photos

Image  Image

Image  Image

fall is a really busy time for cory & i. his music stuff gets pretty crazy, as in we never know what he will be doing, trying to make it to everyone’s home to celebrate the holidays & sometimes i get a little crazy. i hate being late & i don’t want one family to think we are spending more time with the other one. this year i want to have a little less crazy- i want to take my time with everything and enjoy every minute. we never know what tomorrow holds & it is so important to remember all the little details- enjoy those moments. so my goal is to breathe when i feel anxious about the time and look around me- all the people i love the most, all the yummy food, all the laughs, running a little behind, hugs, the smell of ham, all of it. enjoy it.

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