Coffee please

at work. i am a little tired. i have this cat named dolly who is having withdrawals from our bedroom. she has slept in our room since she was a baby & now i just cant handle all of her “biscuit making” on the bed. so the cats are out. dexter could care less but she is persistent on making my life mad. she has started this scratching of my door technique thinking it will change my mind, but it has not. our door looks like a single french door so it has the little windows on it & those little rubber pads on her feet make this streaking sound that will wake me up out of a dead sleep. she just scratches and streaks her little feet until i get up and open the door and pet her– then she is fine for an hour and i fall into a deep sleep and she goes nuts- streaking and howling like a sad animal at the door— so i ignored her last night & she finally stopped… 5 min later my alarm goes off. is she doing this on purpose? she is too smart. i need to do something, but i have no idea what to do. i need my sleep- im crazy without it. any ideas? coffee please.

here is some pictures of dolly.

dolly just sleeping in her sweater.


just dolly at our old loft.


dolly & last years christmas gift.


baby dolly with her chip.


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