i have so many things going on. so many exciting things. i know i have already talked about our beach trip, & this saturday we are finally leaving for it. hilton head- we are coming for you!

last night we drove to carrollton for a meeting regarding our mission trip to haiti in december. so happy to have met all the people that are going & cannot wait to share this journey with them. we are taking up donations for socks and underwear to take with us and donate! so many things we take for granted and one of them is having our socks and underwear stolen. cannot even imagine, and i also plan on rounding up as many as i can to take to these amazing people.

ronda wanted us all to read this book, “kingdom journey’s” and i have about 6 pages left. it is such an incredible book & really puts so many things into perspective. if you are going, have gone, coming back from a mission trip i really would encourage you to read it. seth barnes who wrote the book started adventures in missions— they send groups out for short term mission trips. check out his site and see how he is sharing his calling with the world. we need more people like him.

if you would like to donate for our trip, pray for us, a letter of encouragement, or if you know of anywhere we can set up boxes for socks and underwear donations please email me at evanda.estes@gmail.com.



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