Gumbeaux’s & Friends

our new “thing” when we are in town is going to gumbeaux’s on thursday nights for oyster night. seriously you guys, the best baked/fried oysters. yummmmy. i adore having my friends around- for eating- talking- hanging out by fires- adventures- and did i mention eating? i just love being with people i care about and i enjoy fellowship. i enjoy giving to one another, whether it be time or a shoulder to cry on, or just plain ole’ fashion hang out doing nothing kind of time. so last night, cory, myself, andee, jena, april, nick & ronda all met up at gumbeaux’s for some cajun delight. food, laughs, and drinks all made for a fun night & i would not want to share it with anyone else. it is kind of bittersweet being with this group, they all live in carroll county and it makes me miss it so much, but at the same time i am happy we can meet half way to enjoy each others company.

yesterday on my walk for my lunch break i made my way to this little bookstore, little shop of stories. i usually go there for a good cookbook, or some really cute birthday cards for family, but yesterday i stumbled upon this book (i do not remember the name) about community & the importance of fellowship. i skimmed through some of the pages and put it down. now i wish i would have gotten it bc last night surrounded by all these amazing people it hit me how much i truly love and believe in fellowship. not this “label” that people throw around these days- but true fellowship with people who have so much to give and so much to give to each other, and hearts that can receive what others have to give. i did however but 2 other books, one about raising chickens & the other was a travel book with all the historic and fun things to do in georgia and the carolina’s. so, since we are going to hilton head in 15 days i decided to look up all the best places to eat, and fun things to do. i found a bunch and i am so excited to take my fancy camera and document and then write about all of these adventures.

here are some pictures from last night..








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