It’s Thursday

i decided to start a new little thing- every thursday i’m gonna post about things i find while surfing the internet that i really really want/need or things i think my husband would want/need. come on- you know you will see something that inspires you & you say to yourself, “I want this.. no i NEED this”. just this week i have bought the mister a new pair of steve madden boots- which you can find here — i bought him a pair of minnetonkas which you can find here (i like to order the shoes i can find in his size from zappos- free shipping and free returns) & some shirts from H&M which you can find here & here.

last week there was a huge sale going on at american eagle and with our rewards card we always get the best coupons. they sent me a coupon for $15 off and 20% off– wha??? i bought him a new pair of skinny jeans and a tank for me for $12.50 with shipping!!!!one thing you will learn about cory is that he is very particualr with what he will wear. have i mentioned that he never wore shorts until last year? he never wore tanks until last year? we were at the beach for our one year and it was blazing hot, & i said dude– we got to get you some tanks and shorts– so we did. he would not be caught dead in some skinny’s or high top shoes & you can thank yours truly for helping him get over that. he has def. come a long way in the fashion department and i am so happy. i love to push the lines with what i wear & i get told all the time how much people love what i am wearing, or your the only one that could pull that off & i have to be honest. i love it. i’d like to think that i have helped cory step out a little a pick new things & or push the lines a little. he loves skinny jeans- he loves his tank tops- he loves his shorts- hes even wearing minnetonka moccasins, but he is very particular with where he will get some items at. right now it is american eagle for his jeans and shorts- H&M/Target for tanks and v-necks– boots can vary.  last week he bought an amazing pair at clothing warehouse in little 5.

this week i received an email for H&M that you can buy things online now! woo-hoo i love digging for finds but have you ever been to the H&M at atlantic station? it is like a freakin nightmare. they also have really cool home goods online as well. i am in the market for some new sheets and LOVE these. you should go take a look at all of their stuff- you will buy something though, so there is your warning.







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