Weekend Getaway

ah. it is  monday. i had such a fun time in hilton head this weekend with my girls, & cannot wait to go back august 31st for a whole week. the ocean is one of my favorite places to be, i always feel at peace when i am there- it is almost like time just stops and i dont care about anything else in the world. 

we got there saturday around 11- made it to the beach around 12 and stayed pretty much all day. there was a wedding we got to see- birds attacking our food- and memories made. sometimes its nice to have a girls weekend and just have time away. not that i didn’t miss my hubs while i was there- but just to be with friends and talk about where you have come from and where you want to be. 

jena & i have been friends for a while. we met before cory & i ever were an item. her & her husband were there for cory when he was going through a really rough time & they truly are some of the best people out there. they have been with us since the “beginning” and i’m sure they always will be. cannot wait to have kids of my own- so they can grow up with their little one. 

sunday we were going to get up early and go watch the sun rise–  but it decided to rise at 6:30 and our alarms were set for 6:34.  we packed up and checked out- headed to frosty frog cafe for some drinks (my friend jillian recommended the place), and then went to the beach. there were so many people there- last week before school starts back & this is obviously the place to be.  

got home around 7:45 & what is the first thing i do- work out with Chalene Johnson! That junk works- my arms are killing me today. Cannot wait to go back and have a week of fun with friends and my love. 










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