April’s 21st, My 21st and Hilton Head

wednesday we went out to hiram and celebrated april’s birthday.her 21st birthday. i do not remember 21 really– it was so long ago. i remember the party my mom had for me. we went to a greek restaurant in marietta. i remember all my friends there and my family. the owner is from greece and was in town & he helped pull my party off in the most amazing way. the table was all set when i got there, different types of food on the table for us to try, candles, & white wine. i remember just laughing and having the best time with everyone & we were there until the place closed. the owner was so thoughtful and really wanted to make sure i had the best time. he moved all of the tables & chairs out of the way & taught my whole group a traditional greek dance. it really was my favorite birthday party ever, i just wish i knew cory at the time so he could have been there. 

anyways, enough about that. tomorrow morning i am leaving with two of my favorite girls in the world for hilton head. what? yes. so excited. just a little weekend getaway with some of my favorites. gonna miss my love- even if it is for a day, but so so excited.

at the end of august we are going back to hilton head for a full week of fun in the sun with jena & andee. we are going to eat as much seafood as possible, drink as many fruity drinks we can manage and enjoy every single minute together. i love going places with him & experiencing new things together. so happy that god blessed me with the funniest person on the planet to do life with. i am truly blessed and so very thankful for everything & every person in my life. 





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