a lot to talk about today. first things first..rain- it has seriously rained every day in july and probably june. now if i already had my farm i would be like woo-hoo come on rain, but i do not. it is summer and i want some sunny days- so i can lay in the pool and soak up my vitamin d. this weekend i was supposed to take a camera class to learn how to use my camera and what not, but my dear friend jena called me up and said her sister wanted to go to the beach for her birthday. anyone who knows me knows how much i love the beach-so i was like heck yes. so my week should go as follows starting with tonight. april’s birthday party in hiram (she is turning 21), tomorrow we will work on the mission house & make it sparkly clean, friday after work we will drive to see our good friends Ike and Sarah. love those people. if you have not checked out her blog you should here, she writes about her life in a small town with her love- DIY projects and she makes food. shes’s a foodie. you will love her! saturday morning we will head out to hilton head to stay until sunday night. i am really so excited. it has been a minute since i had a girl trip & i am really happy that i get to be apart of her weekend. i’m ready for fun, sun, & laughs. 

still cannot wait for our beach trip in August and our mission trip to Haiti in december. i have been looking through my friends haiti pictures of when they have been and my heart starts to beat really fast. 

also- already planning my bday- looks like 28 is not far down the road. i am going to have a cookout at my moms house with my closest friends and family & play some volleyball & bad-mitten. this year has  been so good- and it looks like 28 will be even better.

last but not least. paleo. i have started incoproating more of the paleo way of eating into my life. i went home last week and threw out most of the processed stuff in my house. bought new stuff (which is really expensive) & have been making some pretty good dishes. here are a few of the food & one of my paleo counter-top.







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