summer and country air

summer has not been a usual one in georgia. all the sun has made it really cool, so we can sit outside when we go out to eat. this week cory has been able to go to carrollton twice this week. twice. i was a tad jealous considering i miss the country so much and cannot wait to one day have my farm out there and go to little mom and pop shops where you  know people. i just am and always will be a country girl. anyways, i got home yesterday and im pretty sure i complained or “whined” about being jealous that cory got to go to carrollton twice this week. what does he do? he says, well lets go! i was like whaaa? gas these days is expensive and he had already drove there and back which is about 2 hours. so i threw on something and we headed out the door to have dinner with a-bomb and russ and their two littles. traffic was horrible going out of atlanta (which it always is) but the country air was calling my name. we met them at corner cafe. we love love love that place & bc it was cool we got to sit outside. had some laughs and got to meet up with ronda, nick and megan and i met some other people that are going to haiti with us. cory and i are kicking ourselves for not taking advantage of hanging out with all these amazing people while we lived in carrollton, minutes from each other. use the time you have wisely folks. it is so hard to find genuine people these days, real people whose hearts are pure. i daydream all the time about our farm and having kids- and all of our friends that have kids and them growing up together. it makes my heart happy to dream. such exciting things happening in our lives and i am just really happy. i simply cannot wait to go to haiti. i am extra happy that cory and i can do this together. on another note, we are going to carrollton this weekend to swim, eat and watch fireworks with some of our best friends. we are spending the night at the ivey’s and going to church with them- head to my moms after church and have a little visit then a date with my love. he will be gone for the week working in florida and i will miss him oh so much. here are some summer things i like.











i am really picky when it comes to swim suits and i recently found one i actually like- at wal-mart. can you believe it? i love summer clothes and summer food & summer in general.

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