Off to Haiti we go

well after many years of thinking and wanting and almost going- it is finally time. cory & I are going to Haiti in December. i have always had a heart for missions & i am really excited we are doing this together. when i was a kid i would spend hours planning a way to get an airplane to take food  to all the hungry kids. i would plan to have lemonade stands, sell my toys whatever idea i came up with to help people in need. i still feel the same way today- you get busy in your everyday life at your everyday job and forget about the passions and desires God places on your hearts. when i hear my friend Ronda talk about her trips to Haiti and her heart about the country i almost feel like crying. that excited feeling you get when you can just burst into tears at any moment. i get happy at the thought of going anywhere to help people. part of what we do at the church we work at is manage a mission house for when kids come to atlanta to do mission work here. i have never been out of the country and everyone i talk to about going tells me, “your life will be forever changed”. i reallly am ready for this & i am so happy my husband is going along with me. together both of our lives will be changed and i cannot wait. 

we will be raising money to go & of course it is a tax write off if you donate! i will also be selling pies and goodies and i am planning a couple of things regarding music. please keep us in your prayers- pray for open hearts and that we can bring the love of Christ to a country i feel alot of people forget about.




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