It was a good weekend.

a very good weekend. cory’s 30th bday party was a success! my mom came early and made almost all of the food. we had hot wings, mexican cornbread, veggie tray, chips, salsa and guac. (cory makes the best guac) water chestnuts wrapped in bacon, fruit pizzas, cookies, cupcakes and birthday cake. of course since it was a “stock the bar party” we had beer & plenty of it. 

i was telling you guys that i was having cory a bar made for his birthday and it was amazing. jimmie delivered it on saturday around 1:00 it was here in time to get ‘stocked”. it was a dream come true. i will take some pictures and post them ASAP. we were so happy all of our friends came out to see my man for his birthday and he had such a great time. thanks to my mama who helped me in so many ways. i usually stress out about these sort of things bc i want them to be perfect- and she helped make that easy for me. 
for all of you guys that use bloglovin i posted a link to the left where you can follow me there.


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