One more.

ok. one more blog for today. i know that i am new to this blogging thing & still do not have everything figured out. but what i do know is a good blog when i come across it. what i search for in the blogging world is people who are not afraid to be real and show me the messy side of things. ladies and gents i have found that said blog. i am sure there are alot more out there but this is the one that stuck out to me today. 

you can find the blog here

just wow. i dont think i have ever gotten real teary reading a blog until this one. i hope i can be that to someone out there one day. be me. show the messy sides. at the end of the day we all want to know someone else is going through the mess, someone else has clutter on their shelves and someone out there isn’t afraid to show that part of themselves with the world. 

if you are looking for a blog like that. follow hers. amazing.

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