Hurry up Friday!

it is only monday and i am wishing for friday. for many reasons.

sunday after church i dropped cory off at the airport. he is in syracuse for the week and comes home on friday. 

cory’s birthday is friday. i get to see him again on friday. he will be 30 on friday! i plan on taking him out to dinner and a movie on friday and saturday night we will be having a party at our house to celebrate. i wrote a little bit about it on my last post but we are basically doing a stock the bar party. we have a friend who is building a custom bar i designed and cannot wait to take pictures of it with my new camera that comes TODAY! i have the whole menu planned out, decorations and even have my invites sent out via facebook & text. yesterday i started  full on cleaning and trying to get the bathroom done. you guys do not even know what i am dealing with. i meant to take picture of the floor before but i was so consumed of having to get it done i didn’t. its half way done and black right now. the whole entire bathroom is yellow tile. the walls & floor no sheet rock anywhere. do you know what a process it is to paint tile? a BIG one. so today i hope to have the floor done and i will start on painting the walls white. so it will be black and white with accent colors. very excited for it to be done & very excited for cory to see too. i painted the rest of the wall in the living room green. so two walls are green. still have to finish one side of the rooms trim, paint the metal door, and finish the wall where i am doing hymns! that wall is where the new bar will be and i can see it in my head finished, but it seems so far away. i have until friday to get this done so say a prayer for me. at least i will have good pictures right?

if any of you have good tips for painting tile walls please please let me know!


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