A day with Family

i had such a busy weekend. friday was a 13 hour day in court & it was so long, BUT the night before i got to spend some much needed time with my favorite twins!! (Audrey & Phoenix). we went to taco bell for dinner (their choice) & then to see the movie ‘epic”. i actually really enjoyed the movie. friday i dropped them off at a friends house & then headed to court which like i said before — 13 hours. after the judge spoke to the twins (which was 10 pm) i took them to subway for some dinner. we left athens around 12:45 and got home around 2. woke up the next morning at 11:00 and walked to starbucks– had some coffee & michelle got her coffee cup (you guys she is addicted to getting coffee cups). we proceeded to get in my car and head to the airport to eat some lunch and for them to head back home to Tacoma. every-time i get to the airport i want to either work there or travel somewhere. i am sure that is the point but i just love airports. we grabbed some lunch at TGI Fridays and then they left. always so sad to see them go, but cory & i are planning a trip to see them as soon as jake gets back from Afghanistan. if you guys could say a prayer for my little family it would be appreciated. brother in the army and michelle going through this court battle is a little stressful. love my family so much and cannot wait to see them again.

here are some pictures from the weekend!








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