Summer Must Haves

summer is here ya’ll! Georgia summers are soo Hot but i would not have it any other way. i am such a summer girl & i love the water. if cory woke up tomorrow and said lets move to the beach i would pack everything up and go. i have been browsing other blogs i follow and i have found things ‘i must have’. 

here are a few..

coconut oil- i cannot begin to tell you all the benefits from coconut oil– google it 🙂 i use coconut oil for my hair, skin, lips, & cooking. my next little project will be making my own lip balm- so excited about that. you can get coconut oil from just about anywhere but i get mine HERE



I follow – Sincerely, truly scrumptious (go follow her) & she always has the BEST clothing posts. she recently posted about this little boutique, Evie J. wearing one of the shirts from the store. i fell in love & bought it. its the pink chic baseball tee- so comfy and i will def. be buying more things from her store!




a brand of shoe i have grown to love is Minnetonkas. they are so comfy and so cute & i feel like i am walking on clouds when i wear them. you can buy them just about anywhere- Amazon (for those of you who have amazon prime and get free shipping), DSW, & even nordstrom. i have the 3 layer fringe boot and the grey kitten loafers.





maxi skirts- i have learned this is a staple. i bought mine from target, but i am pretty sure just about everywhere has them bc it’s on everyone’s “must have” list for the summer. here are some of my favorite looks with them.









** these are all pinned on my clothing/accessories board on pinterest. you can follow me HERE


what are some of your summer ‘must haves’






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4 thoughts on “Summer Must Haves

  1. I have heard amazing things about Coconut Oil and have a friend who uses it for everything! May have to jump on that bandwagon too!

  2. evandaestes says:

    you should! I cannot wait to get some essential oils and make some homemade lip balm– it makes your skin feel amazing!!!!!!! Jump on the Wagon girl!

  3. I’ve turned into a coconut oil advocate too! I love cooking so I’ve been trying to use it as often as I can, but I’ve also heard it makes for a great conditioner. Just leave it in your hair for any length of time and it should revive and smooth your strands. I will be trying it as soon as I buy a new jar lol. 🙂

  4. evandaestes says:

    Ah! That sounds amazing! I haven’t tried using it as a conditioner yet!!!! Thanks, & go get your jar!

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