I made some Curtains!

don’t you  just love when you score big at a thrift store? i love the feeling of walking out of the store with your bag of goodies & thinking to yourself how much would all of this cost me if i bought it new?! 

cory & i have been searching for curtains for the living room for a while. we went to target & browsed the curtains and there were some really amazing ones from the new Nate Berkus brand but they were out of my price range. so i went to Goodwill and walked to the back where the fabric is & there it was- gorgeous fabric screaming my name! i bought the whole roll for $12!!! what?! 

I have been sick for about a week now (the not able to breathe, coughing up a lung or both). i was off Monday for the holiday (we were in Helen celebrating our 2 year) and i was too sick to work on tuesday, came in yesterday & was sent home around 11 bc i was pretty rough looking. I could not sleep at all so i worked out one day- bought the chaLEAN Extreme & i used the fabric i bought & made curtains!

i am pretty new at sewing so curtains & pillowcases are an easy for me. i am so happy how they turned out & cannot wait to finish this apartment. our schedules have gotten alot busier and we have not been able to put the time in where it is needed. 

here are some photos















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