I love weekends

I’m sure I have mentioned this before but I LOVE weekends so much. Here lately we have been doing a lot of traveling on the weekends back home to C-town.
Thursday Cory and I went on a date to Gordon Biersch & Lenox mall. He needed some new jeans & shorts and I scored a pair of boots for $9. Hollllla!



Friday Cory had a show and after work I drove to our friends house to spend the night and pick him up on his way home. Around 2:30 in the morning I get the call. Needless to say as I am typing this on our way back to Atlanta I am a little sleepy. We woke up had coffee & a martins biscuit (my healthy eating went out the door this weekend). We drove to Carrollton & saw our friends new place and decided on some things I was going to help her with on her home. So excited to do more kitchen cabinets!!! We stopped by our favorite little coffee shop Bella, & by the meat store to pick up some steaks for this week.
We headed back to our other friends house to grill out and watch Duck Dynasty. A lot of good food & a lot of good conversation. I drove past acreage of land I felt like claiming for myself. I can NOT wait to get our new computer so I can get better at this blogging thing!! Still learning of course. I hope all you lovelies are having an amazing weekend. Cory leaves for his guitar tech job with owl city next week for a few days. Gonna miss him!











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