Doughnut burger & a show

So Friday our friends came over before we went to the NEEDTOBREATHE/ Drew Holcomb & the neighbors. Jena had been talking about this place called Cypress St. Which is about 5 blocks from us.. We went. We ate. It was Amazing. They had the “sublime burger”. A burger with doughnuts as the bun. Bacon. Cheese.– are you drooling? So good & the last meal like this that I had before I started my “clean eating”. If you are ever in Atlanta PLEASE go! You can try their fried mushrooms too & a cold beer. We will be back again just not anytime soon bc I am really trying to change my habits.
On to the show…. So good. I have never been a huge fan of NEEDTOBREATHE but they were good. Now the opener was where it was at. Drew Holcomb & the neighbors. Such a good sound and its sort of a husband & wife thing. So sweet & made me love them more. Please check them out & support good music.
Here are some pictures!







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