Patience for the Adventure

After leaving WGPS I have spent most of my time wondering what God wants me to do with my life. To this day I still have no idea. I have prayed looked through ads on Craigslist and I have no motivation to go back to the “office” life. I have been doing a couple of furniture pieces for people & some are in the works. I day dream about a life that seems impossible and somehow deep In my heart the impossible doesn’t seem impossible to me. I feel like God has me here for more that what has been. I feel like there is something out there for me and all my choices and decisions are leading me somewhere. I get impatient and sometimes mad that things are not the way I want them. I am constantly being reminded from others and what they are going through the same phrase ” in Gods time” or ” it will happen at the right time”. Well….. When is that? Lol! I want my life to be this adventure and I will not believe that what it is now will not always be. Say a prayer for me for patience and an open heart.
I made some cookies today to help the process 😉


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One thought on “Patience for the Adventure

  1. I feel like you’re speaking straight from my heart too! I have these feelings constantly.. Definitely praying for patience in the pursuit of discovering your dreams!

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