From Steak house to backsplash

A month before we moved our friend chance gave us a box of cedar wood planks from longhorns steak house. They were doing a special with salmon that month and serving them on the wood. I have had them since we have moved & today they came to good use. Our kitchen was an absolute disaster when we moved in. Lets just say I am just now cooking in there and I actually leave the lights on. A few weeks back I posted my DIY kitchen cabinets & today we are done with the backsplash.
We only had to make a few cuts and it was so easy. We used liquid nails and it only took 1 1/2 bottles of it at $3 a piece. So this was a $6 project. We used a really easy pattern and we really love it. When we first moved in I was grossed out at the fact there were mirrors being used as the backsplash! MIRRORS!?!?!?
Well now it looks GREAT!
Here are some pictures of before.




And here is after!



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2 thoughts on “From Steak house to backsplash

  1. CoskiNation says:

    Having personally witnessed those mirrors…. I would agree in your reaction! This looks awesome! Love it! And love the cost!

  2. evandaestes says:

    🙂 thanks! They were horrid!!!!

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