Old to New & Better

About 2 weeks or so ago this guy from the church we work for came by our place and asked us if we needed any furniture. We told him to take some pictures & send them to us. He did. It was a dresser just like I have been picturing in my head & my mind went crazy. I was so excited of all the possibilities of what I could do with it. It was free too & we felt so blessed that a guy we didn’t even know would just give it to us. God always provides in ways you never think of.
Here is what the dresser looked like when I got it. It was varnished on the top and I don’t really like that look.




I knew I had some tan & white. Alot of it. I started sanding with about a 100 grit paper but I knew it was going to take me 10 years to get that junk off of it. I went to my little construction area of the house and found some of this stuff we used to eat the paint off of the metal windows and I put it all over the dresser and let it sit until the color changed. I took a scraper and scraped most of the varnish off & started sanding again. I went to Home Depot & bought a 60 grit paper and got back to it.


After sanding for what seems like eternity and my arms were killing me the sanding was finished. Now like I said before I just do all this by fly. So I got some tan and painted it all- dry- paint again.


I knew I wanted it aged so again I found all the raised edges and sanded those. Where all the hardware would be I made that look warn. I then went on the porch and sprayed all the hardware a silver metal finish which my handsome husband picked out.




After I fell in love with what I did I took a steel wool pad and scuffed it up-bashed at it with a hammer & then clear coated it. Put the new hardware on and BAM! Cool thing is I spent about $15 on this dresser total. Took something old & made it look different and new!


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2 thoughts on “Old to New & Better

  1. Nat says:

    Love It! Want to redo our nursery dresser (if we ever find one!)? Lol

    XO Nat
    Nat in Love

  2. evandaestes says:

    Yes! Let me know & I will do it!!! I’m still looking for you too!

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