DIY refinishing kitchen cabinets

I have been meaning to post these for a while, but I have been really busy & it’s hard to do from my phone. Anyhow, when we first moved into this apartment the kitchen was screaming for some TLC & paint. My mom has always refinished furniture & one of my first jobs was working for an 18th century reproduction furniture company. I have learned a lot but this was my first big project. It was a little scary, but exciting.
Here is what they looked like before I started



I do not have any specific thing I do, I just try things & look at other blogs for advice. I always see things in whole. I see a room not finished & I can picture it the way I want it down to every detail. This kitchen does not have any natural light at all & the ceiling is those tile things bc it used to be a church office. I’m working with A lot of what I call, negative space & in my mind I just have to turn them into positive. I had some tan left over from painting the house & I knew that the cabinets had a few layers of paint on them.
My first step was sanding them down to see what I was working with. There was some dark brown, yellow & white in there and I knew this was going to be fun. The usual stuff I see most of the raised places are the most aged so I tried to focus on those to look more worn out. So after sanding them down I painted them all the tan color I had left over. After they dried I sanding the raised edges and the facing on one cabinet just for fun. I didn’t like it, but the husband wanted me to keep it. I had a lot of problems with the paint chipping off in chunks with that specific cabinet, but I figure it would be a touch of character. After I sanding and got the look I wanted I took steel wool pad and sanded in an up & down fashion. This is wh



After they were the way I wanted I coated them with a sealer & put the new hardware on. I chose a black industrial type & loved it. Next steps for the kitchen are pallet wood back splash and on top of the kitchen cabinets. I am redoing the kitchen counters to look like granite- thanks to Home Depot! I I also have a vent hood I need to put up, but it’s sort of tricky & I will leave that to a professional.
Hope you enjoy!

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