Chapters & Choices


I have been doing a lot of thinking for a while & have tried to put my thoughts into words. Usually doesn’t come out right but at least I can say I tried.
Moving to Atlanta has made me love the city & hate it all at the same time. I love the beauty of the city, all the different places to eat where you see new faces every time you go. I also hate it for the same reasons. I like to see familiar faces and know people’s names, for people to remember what I order bc I’m considered a “regular”. I love the city and all it has to “offer” but hate it for the same reason. Call me old school but I miss the days when you knew your neighbors and had them over for dinner. These days your lucky to even want your neighbors over for dinner. I hate all the “trendy” words, all the clothes that are “so in”, don’t get me wrong i love fashion and all that jazz but I hate the way everything becomes a competition and room to judge people. Where did feeling okay in your own skin go? Where did being confident in whatever you wore go? Where did anything I remember of value go? Maybe I just have too much time to think. I don’t want to be in an office everyday bc that is the “normal”. I actually refuse to go back to an office. I want to really dig deep into what God wants to do through me and stop leading my own life. Our lives are not our own to live, they are apart of something bigger. I feel like so many people get wrapped up in what society tells them, or their parents, or friends. They don’t even ask God anything. Myself included. I am such a daydreamer and spend much of my time thinking of ways to do things different, ways to be my own person, and not care what other people say. I spend my time thinking of traveling, living on a farm, having children. All these are my dreams. My desires & what I want for my future.. Are they what God wants too?
Me & my husband have been able to spend alot of time together since being in Atlanta. Music is slow & we are both trying to figure creative ways to make money. I’m not the couple that needs a ” break” I really do enjoy spending my time with him, I like getting up and having coffee together. I. Cherish those moments every chance I get. I can’t wait for the day we have a little one running around- I get sort of excited about it. I’m so thankful for the few friends I have that are really close to me. Those of you who don’t know alot about me- I am not the kind of girl that wants a zillion friends- I have a few that I truly cherish and tell most of my “secrets” too. I am getting older and one fact I have learned about people- the ones that will talk negative of others to you will usually do the same about you. I’m also the cheesy person who calls my husband my best friend bc he really is. We have been through so much together and have grown so much and God is really to be praised for all of it.
I have some goals written down in my journal & I don’t think I’m ready to share them quite yet but ill get around to it. At the moment I am so appreciative of everything God is doing and everything he will continue to do bc he is always so very faithful. So thankful for this blogging adventure it is so fun for me. I am also thankful for all my readers out there, and my new followers. Cheers to all the challenges and choices we face, all the secrets we hold close to our hearts, all the dreams we share, & all the new chapters we will start.

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