Best French Toast

Cory & I decided to go to this little place about a mile from our home, La Mongerie. One of my favorite places in Atlanta. I’m a sucker for breakfast at all times of the day, so when looking at the menu all I could see were waffles and French Toast. Our waiter told me to def. get the French Toast and I did! First of all, if you can picture it– thick slices of bread (seemed to be homemade) when you pushed your fork on top of the bread it bounced right back up. We are talking fluffy fluffy! She put fresh cut strawberry slices over the top, with just the right amount of powdered sugar and syrup. I chose the pecan smoked bacon to go with it and it was dreamy. On Sundays they also have free mimosas. FREE! Cory got the chicken and waffles and he said they were the Best waffles he’s ever had!! On our way out I couldn’t help but notice all the sweet treats up front and I decided on the Amaretto Cheesecake, Cory could not decide between the chocolate Mousse and the freshly baked pecan pie! The owner gave us a a pecan pie and we bought the other two. Even though I was stuffed to the brim I could not help but try one (or 4) bites of that cheesecake. Cannot wait to go back!!






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