Closets, Bricks & Memories

Me and my husband live in an old Cotton mill loft in a little town and I am quite fond of it. With a move to Atlanta upon us I find myself spending time appreciating the little things of this space. I love the high ceilings, and all the exposed brick, huge windows, and my closet. Trust me, there are things that annoy me about an old loft: Dust and spiders being among the top 2. I can’t even count the times I have swept and my OCD has been out of control. I also can’t count the spiders I have screamed for Cory to come and kill, or the ones that i find spying on me in the shower. Creeps. I HATE spiders. I HATE dust. With all the things that I have thought about I have come to this conclusion. I will miss it. This was our “first” place, our first of so many things were in this place. I have built so many memories in our apartment and I know you can make many memories in other places, it still makes me sad.

I am what you call a BIG TIME THRIFTER. I love going to thrift stores and most everything in my closet and in our apartment  has come from a thrift store. 1/2 off days are the BEST! Right? I love my closet which I share with my husband, but it is bedroom for crying out loud! Lots of space! I can’t complain even when his stuff is thrown all over the place. 🙂

Some of my favorite pieces have been passed down from family, bought at a yard sale, or thrifted. We have trunks stacked for a coffee table and we have enjoyed many dinners ,Coffee dates, and eggnog and cookies at Christmas time, right there on our love seat with those trunks.

Here is a little sneak peek into my beloved loft and some of my favorite memories there!

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