Food, Friends & Hair

Last night I met up with Katie and Jillian in Atlanta for some Tin Drum, and shopping HERE. I got 2 pairs of jeans (both skinny jeans for $30). We headed over HERE to get a little treat and I am pretty sure it was my favorite part of the night. The nice young lady who Jillian has named “Lawasha”, was so kind to us. I am pretty sure she gave us samples of about 10 different flavors of ice cream– Walnut something, Blueberry Waffle Cone, Caramel something something, & a lot more yummy ones I can’t remember. Me & Katie both got our ice cream in a cup and Jillian got hers in a waffle cone. We sat down at the Rose covered table surrounded by all sorts of stuff: People, Stuffed tigers, Firby looking creatures, Caramel popcorn, and a pubic hair. Yes. A Pubic Hair was on our rose covered table. Did we move? No. We sat right there and listened to Usher and Jay Z bring the house down. There was even an open Karaoke station, and we could have been back-up singers at any moment. To top it ff “Lawasha” brought us another treat to our table. If you are at Atlantic Station make your way over to Kilwins and have a treat! Here are some Pictures 🙂




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One thought on “Food, Friends & Hair

  1. Katie says:

    Lawasha was awesome!!! Miss her.

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