Pizza, Beer, & a slice of Heaven

This past weekend was one of my favorites. I got to enjoy so many of my top favorite things! Friday night me and Cory went to Bronze Star in Tallapoosa. It is a little drive BUT they have the BEST Brunswick Stew I have ever had. I tell everyone they have to go there and eat it and their life will be forever changed.

Just the stew would have made my weekend fantastic, but then we met my mom and step-dad in Atlanta at Antico Pizza for some Legit Italian Pizza. So simple and Amazing all at the same time and I will probably never eat a papa johns again. Me and Cory shared a pizza with lite sauce, Basil, and Mozzarella. I loved the feel of this place too, huge tables people share and you can see them cooking everything. My mom shared with me that the owner had the ovens shipped over here from Italy! Maybe that is their secret? Secret Italian ovens make better pizzas. There is no way this pizza could get any better unless I was sitting in Italy eating it.  I was forcing myself to eat three best  pieces of pizza I have ever eaten and I had the best beer ever to help wash down the flavors. I will be going to the store to stock up on this Beer SOON!

After being stuffed with pizza & beer we headed over to Trader Joes. This was a first time visit for Cory and the 100th for me. I love this little store and If one was closer to our apartment I would frequent there more often. We looked around at everything and decided on a box of wine for $35 (which has 12 bottles), and a box of Almond cookies. We got this particular wine from my mother for a wedding gift and we fell in love, so why not grab another box! After we got our box of wine loaded and on the road back to D-ville we were so full but in total anticipation of the cheesecake my mother had made for Cory for his birthday. I was thanking the lord we had 30 minutes to let our food digest to make more room for the Glory that awaited us.
 Cory got some really cool gifts from my mom which included a basket of gifts: Shot glasses, noodles, a pasta cookbook, and other things. My favorite gift was the handmade one she made of Sardines. Hahah! She is so crafty with the paper pulp magic of hers and I am wondering why she does not sale them. You can see some of the pictures below!

 Needless to say, Saturday was a really good day! Sunday I woke up and was not feeling too well so Cory went to church alone. I stayed home and slept a little and packed his bags for his trip. He left on Sunday and wont be back until next Sunday. What is a girl to do? He is all the way in New Orleans playing for a Lutheran Church Gathering they have out there for the youth. I hope he has so much fun and tries some new things! Maybe he will bring me back a Crawfish or too. I was glad I got my snuggles in before he left and I can’t wait to see him!

What did everyone else do this weekend?


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