It’s Monday already?

Is it Monday already? Where does the time go? So much happened since my last blog. Some I can share and some I can’t. Saturday Me, my Husband and our friend Jeremy went Hiking in Alabama HERE. It was so HOT but so Beautiful. It was about a 7 mile trail along side a really cool creek that had swimming holes here & there. I loved it so much and I can’t wait to go back. If you are ever out that way I highly recommend going. Afterwards we made our way back to Carrollton to enjoy some BBQ at Sam’s. I had the pulled pork sandwich, Brunswick stew ( SO GOOD), and Baked Macaroni. Just so you know their Sweet Tea is the BEST and I probably drank a Gallon of it. You can see some of that from the pictures below.

Sunday Cory had to play at a church in Peachtree City (such good people there), and afterwards we decided to try these Vietnamese Sandwiches we have been itching for. The store that sells them has nothing but Asian Groceries: everything from spices to meat. I had a chicken sandwich which included, Cucumber, Butter mayo, carrots & Cilantro. I have no idea what Cory had but it was basically the same with the exception of the Pate he had on his.I added a passion lemonade and we tried Shrimp Chips. Such an exciting meal! I love to try new things and experience new tastes.
After Lunch we went my MIL’s pool and swam all day with some friends and had Cory’s Favorite Mexican food for Dinner. It is a little hole in the wall place called Juanito’s. I had some tacos, which are always good, and my favorite thing ever— Jalapeno Cheese Dip. 
Such an eventful Weekend and I will talk more about the “thing I can’t talk about” next time! I also got new shoes 🙂
Hope everyone had an AMAZING weekend!


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