July 4th & Thrifting

What did everyone do for their 4th?
I was off work (Amazingly), and spent the day at my in-laws house laying on a float in the pool. After an hour or so of tanning, the thunder came. Booo! We made the best of the day and grilled out in the moments it was not raining and had fun with my Husbands Parents. I love being with family so much, it just make life Grand. It is so hard for me to upload pictures bc our computer blew up and we have not gotten a new one yet. I am pretty sure my Blogs will be alot better when I have a computer to hold all of my stuff on!

Yesterday after work I was wasting time waiting on my mom to arrive at Gumbeaux’s. If you are ever in Douglasville, Ga and want to try a fantastic place to eat. GO THERE! I had the Fried Shrimp and Mashed potatoes. Mmmm! Anyways— I always go to this little thrift store called Value Village. If you go the last Wednesday of the month, All clothing is 1/2 off. I bought 2 pairs of jeans, 2 shirts, a pair of brand new boat shoes, a blue jean vets, a blue jean button up tank, and the cutest blue dress all for under $30. I will upload a picture so you can see some of them. I am ADDICTED to thrifting, buying things on sale and later telling my husband, “look how much money I saved”. I always get the same look… and then I can tell he is just thinking, You could save a lot more if you don’t spend any money. What is the fun in that?


One thought on “July 4th & Thrifting

  1. alison says:

    I love your blog!!! Add that "follow me" button so I can follow you!! 🙂 Your bday card for Cory was good too! Come over and we'll have some more mashed up rasberry "juice".

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