Beautiful Saturday

Well yesterday was a fabulous Saturday! Me and Cory woke up and walked to Bella. Which is this little coffee shop we frequent. I had a fuze drink and an everything bagel with cream cheese. Cory had an iced coffee and bread pudding. We then decided to walk to this meat market and get 2 steaks and took the long way home to enjoy the weather. As I was strolling through this little street with the cutest houses all I could hear was birds. I stopped and realized how thankful I was to not hear the business that surrounds us everyday. As we were walking we realized we didn’t have.a side so we walked to the square and headed towards the farmers market. We got a few things after I stopped to check out the baby goats they were selling. I started to daydream about how I wanted a farm with all sorts of animals and I could have fresh eggs for baking. I spend so much time dreaming of things like that. Well we walked home and opened all the windows and city made homemade sauce with penne. There is a picture below. After a little nap we went to see my mom because she had major shoulder surgery. We stayed there for a minute and then went to eat at this Cajun place in douglasville. It was so good! Even though we waited for two hours to be seated it was worth it! Me and Cory drive to this little bar to see our friend Russ play in his band and got home around 12:00. What a beautiful Saturday. Busy but beautiful!


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