Thank God for Friday’s

IT’S FRIDAY! I love Friday more than any other day!! I get off at 4:00 and I have the whole day to relax and do rewind from all the madness of the week. I tried my first body by vi little shake (or however you write it), I mixed two scoops with 8 oz of coffee and 8 oz of milk and poured it on ice. It was sooo good! It is full of nutrients and for someone like me that does not eat breakfast it is an easy replacement to that meal. The good side of it is that if I drink one of those in the morning I do not have to take that blasted Multivitamin that taste like death.
Tomorrow is Saint Patrick’s day and my Husband is playing at some place in Vining’s. The only thing  I like about Saint Patrick’s day is everyone is wearing my favorite color and cheap beer. So that is actually two things.People seem to look for excuses to act like morons and call it a celebration. Oh well People watching is always fun too!!!
Well all you guys that stumble across this blog be safe, and have a Great Weekend!


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